Friday, February 20, 2015

Feeling Nostalgic...

Tomorrow  marks the 10 year anniversary of Kutztown University Radio (KUR).  It's so crazy to think that a little room in the middle of a huge University could change your life.  KUR was a place where no one judged and you could truly be yourself.  Music is something, in my opinion, that brings people together.  We as "DJ's" on KUR had the opportunity to move people one way or another with the music we played, jokes we said and stories we told.  We bared our souls one way or another and it was so liberating.  I'm so fortunate to have stumbled on this college club.  It ultimately assisted me in changing my major as well.  I was able to enjoy (most of) my classes and the work I was doing in college.  I think the most special thing I gained from KUR, was my now husband.  To think, that one decision led to my future.  I am so grateful and thankful for KUR and those that have helped to make it what it is. May it live on and touch more lives the way it has mine.

-Susie Q

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Young and Beautiful

They will see us waving from such great
Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
'come down now,' but we'll stay...[The Postal Service]

What ever happened to cool lyrics? I crave good lyrics, but these days its just all about a beat and what you can dance to. Some days I LOVE that, but other days I need serenity and something to listen to to know that life is going to be okay. I like songs that have words that can 'move' me. Recently I heard a new one from Lana Del Rey. She is very unique. The song is called Young and Beautiful. I have a link below, so check it out along with the lyrics that are quite good in my opinion.

Will you still love me
When I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me
When I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will
I know that you will
Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gossip Girl

I wonder how gossip started. You think in the Garden of Eden, the snake told Eve not to tell anyone that he gave her the apple and she just couldn't stand it and had to tell Adam?  That's what I'm going with on where that all started.

It's funny when you hear gossip. You know you shouldn't listen to it, but its like chocolate to a woman. Don't flash something in our face like know we will take the bate! I guess its the spreading it part where it gets tricky. Kind of like the game you've all played where you say a sentence and pass it along. By the end of the game it went from "Susie went to the candy store" to Sushi makes Sandy a whore."

Can you really hold something in for, I don't know, ever? Do you tell your spouse or does the secret go in the vault? It's a tough one and it will always be a thing. Do I have gossip? Of course I do, I work in a department of's all over the place! Does anyone hear it from me? Nope. (At least I try super duper hard not to be that person, lol). I value being someone that people can trust with what they say, hence why I originally went to school for Psychology.

What's your philosophy on gossip? Ooey Gooey Good or Stop The Insanity?


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mind Your Manners

Are manners a thing of the past? I wonder as I hear no 'please' when someone asks me for something and no 'thank you' once I go out of my way to do something nice. It's almost as if society expects more out of each other than we are willing to provide. When a man holds open a door for me, my jaw practically hits the floor and I give them the biggest smile and say 'thank you' because it is so rare that that happens anymore. I pride myself on having manners and am so grateful that my mother brought me up with them. I wonder what it will be like 10 years from now...

Do you have an example of bad manners? Also, what is your opinion on a good song to vent to on this type of issue?

Friday, July 5, 2013

I heart

Happy 5th of July! Ha, I know I know, I'm a day late and even days later in posting.

Life is moving along and so is my taste in music. Being that I work during the week and usually have things going on during the weekends, I don't get much time to hunt down new tunes. However, my new saving grace in that department is It's very similar to Pandora, but it has a better variety. I have been finding artists similar to others I love just by plugging in my headphones during work. Currently my favorite stations are Grouplove, Imagine Dragons, and Florence & the Machine. If you get a chance check them out. I'll post some new favorites that I've found on those stations soon.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can't Hold Us

As you browse through my blog, you can see that I have a wide variety of music styles that I enjoy. One genre you haven't seen me post is "rap." I say "rap" because I see this group as not your typical rappers. This group has awesome beats and the music makes me move! Enjoy!
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get Lucky

Well, it's cold again for some silly reason and it's already late April! This puts me in a funk. So to cure it, what better than...funk! Of all the concerts I have been to in my day, N.E.R.D was one of the best and that's not even my "style." However, Pharrell has a killer voice and he lends it now to Daft Punk. Their new album, 'Random Access Memories' features Pharrell on a song called "Get Lucky." It's pretty much my new jam and certainly helping the mood of the day.